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About Us

Our Belief

A newly formed cosmeceutical distribution company, we believe that for truly great results for the skin, a combination of premium skin care and consultation between trained therapists needs to exist. At Cosmeceutical Solutions, we have joined with companies that focus solely with premium, well researched and tested skin care products, that we can supply into our partners, to provide the best solutions to the client. In order to fulfill our belief, we provide in-depth training and ongoing support when needed.

Our Mission

We are committed to providing cosmeceutical products to our partners who can then offer the latest in skin health experiences to their clients. We represent companies that provide the newest advancements in combining active ingredients that deliver results for various skin concerns. Whilst we will demonstrate our experience through product knowledge and the solutions we provide, we want to do it in a personal way. Taking on our brands makes you a valued STOCKIST. Allowing us to be part of your business makes us PARTNERS. Our personalised service will make you our FRIEND.

What our PARTNERS say

Many Faces Aesthetics Ainslie Lidstone-Fleming

Cosmeceutical Solutions has consistently demonstrated professionalism and exceptional service. Working with Kylie has been a delight, as she makes every aspect of our partnership seamless. Her prompt response to inquiries and questions is truly commendable, ensuring that our business interactions are efficient and productive. Cosmeceutical Solutions' commitment to delivering orders promptly and ensuring timely delivery has significantly contributed to the success of our skincare brands in our inventory. Kylie’s unwavering dedication to her work, her responsiveness, and the exceptional quality of the skincare brands she supplies have been instrumental in our mutual success. I wholeheartedly recommend Kylie & Cosmeceutical Solutions for outstanding service and her commitment to excellence in the skincare industry.

EST Clinic Helen

Working with Kylie and the team at Cosmeceutical Solutions has been a game-changer for our business. Kylie is not only very helpful and knowledgeable in the cosmeceutical industry, but her dedication and commitment to excellence are also unparalleled. Every interaction is marked by professionalism, efficiency, and a genuine passion for what they do. I have full confidence in their ability to deliver exceptional results and I look forward to continuing our successful partnership.

Beauty Bliss Skin Boutique Alyse Francois

From the moment I met Kylie I thought she was super cool! So generous, savvy and fashion conscious. I went right ahead and ordered the most amazing DNA peel for my clinic which has revolutionised the way I’m used to treating skin! Kylie took the time to explain it to me and come and train my staff and I as well I provide ongoing help and always answers all my questions. I love the products that have been sourced from all over the world; it’s great to have someone on your side who knows about skin and knows what a good product is and how to integrate it into salons and spas 💋

Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery Dr Robin Chok

I am delighted to express my utmost satisfaction with our ongoing partnership with Cosmeceutical Solutions. Over the duration of our collaboration, Cosmeceutical Solutions has consistently met our expectations in providing high-quality and effective, products that have enhanced the outcomes of our treatments at Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery, led by Dr. Chok. Their responsive and knowledgeable team has been invaluable, offering support, training, and technical assistance whenever needed. Not only has this partnership improved our patient results, but it has also bolstered our position as a leader in aesthetic industry. We recommend Cosmeceutical Solutions to any business in the aesthetic industry seeking to elevate their standards and offerings. We anticipate many more successful years of collaboration.