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  • Cosmeceutical brands based on research

    Providing a combination of premium skin care and consultation between trained therapists for truly great results for the skin
  • Australian-exclusive clinic solutions from around the world

    Researching and testing the world's best products and bringing the latest innovations to you and wonderful results to your clients
  • Expert local training & advice

    Partnering with you to elevate your business through training, support and expert insights

Who are we

At Cosmeceutical Solutions we are committed to providing our business partners with results driven cosmeceutical brands that are new to Australia. Products based on science, technology, and the latest active ingredients allow us to help you focus on customising solutions for your clients.

Our commitment includes putting our partners first, remembering that without you – we wouldn’t be here. We listen to you. We work with you. We’re here for you.

Meet the Founder

With over 30 Years in the Skin & Beauty Industry, Kylie Turkkan has seen the industry change rapidly. With humble beginnings at skincare counters, then working in skin clinics to perfect her skills in addressing diverse skincare needs as a Beauty Therapist. Her progression to a Business Development and Training role then allowed her to not only share her proficiency in skincare, but to also strategically drive growth and success with the clinics she worked with.
With a career marked by passion, dedication, and profound understanding of skin, Kylie continues to use this foundation to provide the support, training and dedication for your staff and results for your clients.

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Bio Skin



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